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Who is “the writer?”

Well hello there!

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably explored countless of ventures searching for your purpose in life. If you’re like me, then you’ve probably crashed and burned on many occasions. If you’re like me, you’ve probably lived your life constantly following your heart.  If you’re like me, then you’ve probably realized that the only way to truly experience happiness, joy, abundance, prosperity, and bliss, is to do what you love and love what you do as you do it.

I don’t want to bore you with all of the details of my life’s experiences that have been leading up to where I am today, but I’m about to, so grab a cup of coffee and let’s delve into this bio together.

I’m a fan of organized planning and categories, so I will simplify this experience so that you can read it through, perhaps, the most intriguing format ever!

In The Beginning

I didn’t grow up thinking to myself that I wanted to a conference producer, a lyricist, or a public speaker.  I was more interested in becoming either a Marine Biologist, an Astronaut, or an Animator at Disney Studios.  To my surprise, neither of those worked out, and instead, I took on the family business as a Trim Carpenter and ran the family business for 13 years alongside my pops.

Good Ol’ Construction

Although the money was good and being the bosses son had it’s perks, I just couldn’t keep my mind focused on caring about the job that I so ungratefully took advantage of.  The hours were long, the work conditions were brutal, and the stress was unreal.  So what did I do to cope with the time as it passed by?  Simple.  I wrote! I mean really though, I wrote like a madman.  I wrote songs, speeches, blogs, reflections, and plans for my future at every chance I had.  The good thing about working construction as a trim carpenter was that I was able to have music playing at all times.  I probably went through at least 7 portable speakers in a span of 13 years.  The constant playing of music and writing helped me remain creatively in tune with my hearts desire to become an internationally renowned lyricist.

The First Performance Seminar

In 2002 I began producing an event that I call “Performance Seminars.”  During the construction phase of my life, I constantly daydreamed about creating a unique event that would combine all of my favourite forms of creative expression into one platform that can deliver emotionally charged performances to audiences around the world.  The elements include Live Music, Visual Arts, Dance Choreography, and Public Speaking all occurring simultaneously while being performed in a theatrical setting.  The first Performance Seminar was called “EL Piano.”  It was an experiment that I created with the intention to play out my skills of a self-proclaimed Playwright.  The production involved 4 pianists dressed in black tuxedos while wearing zorro masks and playing the piano simultaneously as they improvised to each others musical abilities.  The context of the play was generated around a narrator (myself), that would explain personal life stories about each pianist.  The pianists would then play the pianos to express the emotional connection that they had with their own personal experience within the story that each of them shared.  The narrator acted as a guide for the audience.  What made the production unique was that neither the audience, nor the pianists were allowed to speak throughout the entire production.  The only sounds that were allowed to be heard, were the beautiful sound of the piano and the narrator.

After the first performance seminar, I went on to produce 4 more productions, each of them having a unique approach at engaging audiences towards appreciating the emotional connection that music has on our souls.


The I’M.P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E. Performance Seminar was my first attempt at taking these productions to a level of excellence that I always figured was ages away.  On November 21st, 2014 I registered into my first public speaking competition.  I went in to the competition fully equipped to WIN!  The week prior to the competition I participated in the Landmark Forum and through that experience, I gained so much insight about my life that I ended up writing a speech that was inspired by that weekends events.  The speech was called I’M.POSSIBLE; a spin off of the word “impossible.” I wrote the speech on November 19th, memorized it on November 20th, and competed against 21 other incredible speakers on the 21st.  I performed the speech over one of my favourite pieces of music, ‘Time” by Hans Zimmer.  Long story short, I won the competition and from that moment on, life would never be the same again!

Think and Grow Rich

Two weeks after the seminar I was contacted by a good friend of mine that had invited me to attend a Think and Grow Rich workshop that was being held in Toronto, Canada.  Upon receiving the call, I was pretty sure that she must have been mistaken about the context of what the workshop was about because if there was a Think and Grow Rich Institute in Canada, surely, I would have known about it.  She explained to me the details of the course that she attended and convinced me to come have lunch with the President of the Think and Grow Rich Institute.  Upon meeting Satish Verma, President of the Think and Grow Rich Institute, I was immediately challenged with the belief that the gentleman that I was sitting next to had the rights to teach Napoleon Hill’s work.  We had lunch, we chatted, and we all learned a lot from this man.  Two months later after staying in touch with Mr. Verma,  I pitched a proposal that would ultimately change my life forever.  I proposed the possibility of becoming the National Operations Manager for the institute.  My proposal was accepted and literally, overnight, my dreams came true. I was in charge of leading the Think and Grow Rich Courses all across Canada and I handled the day to day operations for 18 months.  As a Think and Grow Rich Instructor,  I taught Napoleon Hills principles to over 2000 students and adopted the laws of success in a way that most people could ever only dream of.  In May 2016, I resigned from my management position at the institute and decided to follow my heart so that I can be truly creative and self-expressed.


So check this out.  The following day after I completed living out my dream of producing my first theatrical performance seminar, I attended a motivational event called “MoMondays.”  I recall arriving with all of the confidence in the world, knowing that the day before I had produced my life’s work for over 200 people in a venue that at one point I had only dreamed about.  I was still wearing the sponsored Armani Suit that was provided for me through my clothing sponsor.  I felt good, really good.  As I’m watching the speakers do their thing, I looked over to my left and there I saw a woman that I’ve been modelling my performance seminar and personal development progress after for the past 4 years.  Her life’s work has been on my vision board as a source of inspiration that gave me the courage to pursue my dreams in the first place.  You can imagine my reaction when seeing her.  Of course I had to approach her to express my gratitude for the “big game” that she’s been playing.
>>>>>>>FAST FORWARD>>>>>>>

  • This woman and I became really great friends
  • She was the keynote at the next I’M.P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E. Performance Seminar
  • Think and Grow Rich sponsored the next Performance Seminar
  • 500 people attended this performance seminar

and the rest is history.


Why would anyone leave a corporate job that involves good money, power, and high influence? Although there are many reasons, I’ll keep it simple for you so you can get a better understanding of who I am.   What matters most to me is the ability to express myself through the platforms that I know how to utilize best.  I am an Artist.  I was put on this earth to be creatively self-expressed so that through my life’s experiences, others can learn how to communicate the essence of their highest selves, and thus, create the circumstances in their lives that provide them with uplifting emotional frequencies of joy and productivity.  My purpose is simple; be creative, be self-expressed.  This is my bliss.  After 15 years of writing, 8 years playing the piano, 5 years producing performance seminars/workshops, and almost 2 years of managing Think and Grow Rich, I came to the realization that my heart was being blocked by influences of money, power, and respect, that were not in alignment with my hearts desires.  I get a thrill out of being on stage in front of people, being on camera sharing my passions, and speaking into a microphone so that I can amplify the messages that I have to share.  Through this realization, I discovered a method that will enable me to impact more people than ever before!


After leaving think and grow rich, I took a one-month vacation to Mexico. While I was in Mexico, I began writing a book, meditation, and live Facebook video streams.  To my surprise, after making my first video I had over 1000 people tune in. I then realized, I have an audience of people that are intrigued by the content that I put out. I then filmed another live stream, and I received another 1000 views.  Clearly I was on to something.  Immediately, I got creative, and I called my live streams, LifeStreams.  I committed to producing one lifestream per week, held every Wednesday at 8 PM.  During the life streams I would play music in the background and speak over it to my audiences. I recall at one point, I received over 46 messages from people asking me to write them a personalized speech just for them with music and my motivational speaking.  (insert lightbulb moment here)

With such an amazing demand for personalized LifeStreams to be created for people,  I felt compelled to transform my business model into something that’s never been done before.  Rather than write songs and speeches about my own perceptions of life, I decided to turn the method around and write for others instead.

Now, I’m producing personalized LifeStream Soundtracks for hundreds of people every month and I’m leaving substantial impacts on them by doing the things that I love to do most; write, record, speak, produce, and play the piano.

I now live my life as a laptopreneur that travels abroad as I produce LifeStreams for others.

Who would have thought!

So, now you know a little bit about me. I think it’s time that I get to know you. If you were interested in having a LifeStream soundtrack produced, here are the steps:

Step 1: Select Your LifeStream Delivery Method

Step 2: Select Your Instrumental

Step 3: Fill Out The Questionnaire

Step 4: Submit

Email me today and let’s get started!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I appreciate it. I look forward to writing the soundtrack of your life!

Marcos Mendosa




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