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Consider Me Your Messenger

3x Award Winning Speaker, Poet, and Performer

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Integrity is Everything

“My purpose is to touch, move, and inspire people to believe in their worth and achieve the impossible.”

My Story

The Two Words Changed Everything

I’ve always been an underachiever. I grew up in a low-income family that did everything they could to help my sister and me have everything we ever needed to succeed. As a loner, outcast, and confused kid, I’d often find myself deep in the depths of my own imagination. I’d imagine myself as an astronaut going to the moon, a marine biologist working with dolphins and whales, and as an animator working at Disney.

I was what I considered, a “lost cause.” I had no social skills,  had nothing in common with my peers, and was bullied from grade 1 all the way to grade 11. It wasn’t until the age of 17 where I finally found something I could love.



September 10th , 2022

Archangel Changemakers

Opening Ceremony

Invite Marcos Mendosa to perform live (in person or virtual) and experience an improvement in confidence, self-worth, and creativity. If you’re looking to provide your team, company, or audience with an extraordinary impact on their beliefs, hiring Marcos will help you do just that.

September 22nd , 2022

Mississauga Amphitheatre

Music for Peace and Mental Health

Performing songs from the album, The Journal

September 24th , 2022

Fairmont Royal York Hotel

RevolutionHER Conference

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